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The transportation of breeding stock is done with utmost care and as efficiently as possible.
Multi Dairy Livestock offers three options, namely by truck, boat, and airplane. Depending on your needs, the destination, economic aspects, and the welfare needs of the animals, we will advise you as to the most appropriate means of transport.

Animal transport (by truck, boat and airplane) is an essential link. That is why Multi Dairy Livestock has put a lot of energy into optimizing its animal transport. One needs to have confidence that the breeding stock one has bought will arrive safely at the destination.
For this purpose, a special truck was developed, in which your animals can travel in comfort and are guaranteed arrival in good condition.
The new developments applied in this special livestock truck are:
• Feeding via racks on the outside.
• High-roofed compartments, making it easier to regulate the climate for the         animals and enabling them to assume their natural positions. In addition, the walls and roof are insulated.
• Drinking water availability and mineral blocks in each compartment.
• Heated drinking water system with recycling pump so that water remains available continuously.
• High-pressure washer system for each truck to clean and disinfect its interior on site after delivery.
• The cattle trucks are equipped with GPS, by means of which position, temperature data and possible alarms can be continuously be checked by the home base. The driver also has continuous supervision by means of a display in the cab.

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