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Multi Dairy Livestock supports you and takes care of you throughout the process of purchasing breeding stock, selection procedure (purchasing), logistics, veterinary settlement, insurance, and transportation of livestock to the desired destination.
All these aspects are carried out with the highest care.




Multi Dairy Livestock offers several options for insuring your breeding stock, which we will carry out in consultation with you and in accordance with your requirements.




To support existing clients in expanding or improving their (technical) business results, we can help with the expertise of independent livestock specialists.

Farm establishment and upgrading

Multi Dairy Livestock, together with our partners, are highly experienced in dairy farm establishment. If desired, one can support the preparation, realisation, implementation of plans to establish new dairy farms and if requested dairy processing plants. From the first initial plans to the final phase in farm management support, Multi Dairy Livestock and its partners, are able to offer the total package and practical solution. This way, we can support for optimal circumstances for a profitable start-up of your enterprise with low cost but with excellent planning and back-up services.

Feasibility study and business plan

For a feasibility study, an expert travels to the area where you plan to invest and collect relevant data from various sources. Market analysis, a specified technical investment plan and founded recommendations are all included. The feasibility study will help to make a calculated decision for your investment.

In case feasible study indicates that desired project is feasible than one can support you with the business plan. The business plan provides all needed information to make your final decision on investments.



Dairy Training and Recruitment

Dairy management training and support

Managing a dairy farm is a very complex operation. Key objectives are improving the milk quality and milk quantity at lowest cost price per Kg milk produced. We have specialists who can support you in obtaining these goals.

Dairy training on the spot or in Holland is open to be discussed.




EuroTier Hannover 15-18 November 2016 Stand nr 11F57

Multi Dairy Livestock BV will take part in the EuroTier 2016 which takes place on November...