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The export activities of breeding stock of the Dutch livestock farmers' organizations have a long and lustrous history. For over a century, Dutch breeding stock have found their way to numerous foreign destinations.
After the Second World War, increasing numbers of breeding animals were exported to numerous destinations, especially in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and America.

The reputation of Dutch breeding stock, the experience, the quality, and the reliability are anchored in the predecessors of Multi Dairy Livestock B.V.
This fact provides a solid and effective foundation for the future.
The Netherlands and Germany are our homes and in 1997 we started purchasing breeding stock in several other countries.

In August 2012, the stock-export department VION was privatized and was completely absorbed into Multi Dairy Livestock BV.
Multi Dairy Livestock and its ​​team continue a long tradition of providing top-quality breeding stock all over the world.
Through this energetic team, Multi Dairy Livestock adds a powerful new era to a rich past.




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